About Us

Yiblu was established to provide premium quality spice and food blends for every food enthusiast, since 2002.

The name ‘yiblu’ is an Amharic word implies a respectful expression to encourage for meal.

Today, Yiblu supplies its products nationally to premier grocery chains, smaller specialty stores, top chefs and restaurants, as well as food manufacturers. Guided by our commitment to great taste, health and sustainability, Yiblu continues to expand the world in introducing our uniquely blend Ethiopian spices and food ingredients through continuous new market developments.

Our Staff

We are extraordinarily talented, ambitious and dedicated artisan women with limitless drive.  We are lucky to have these motherly hands of with extensive pursuit of quality and perfection.

Our Sources

We were born, we have grown up and we live and work at the source of organic cereals, spices and herbs producers in Ethiopia. The best farmers throughout Ethiopia aren’t just our suppliers–they are family and friends. We can get the freshest and the highest quality harvest while generating the most value for the farmers.